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Re: gEDA-user: IPC standard SMT footprints (0603, 0402 vs. RESC0603N etc.)

> > > - 0603
> > This is RESC1608N
> It's designed for the same component package, but the footprints in pcb
> are not identical.

Not exactly, no, but that's the closest substitution.

> (1) Is the SMD package "metric name" commonly used or standardized?

I think that's more of a personal choice than anything else.  We're
used to the imperial sizes, but the standards are all in metric.

> (2) Do you have any experience using the RESC1608M/N/L footprints for
> SMD resistors and ceramic chip capacitors?

Yes, I've done that.  The cap ones are bigger because caps have more
metal on them.  However, at the moment I have a custom footprint that
accepts either 0603 or 0805, with enough gap to pass a trace with 8/8

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