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gEDA-user: Darter - SPICE based IBIS modelling tool

As edge rates increase, signal intergrity (SI) becomes more and more
important, even for the hobbyist. Unfortunately, the models provided
by semiconductor vendors typically come in only 2 forms, encrypted
HSPICE and IBIS. No open tools exist for handling either. An open
HSPICE decryption utility would only either encourage encryption
changes or take-down notices.

Enter Darter, a tool for creating SPICE models based on IBIS models.
The basic idea is to create a SPICE subcircuit for each IBIS model
within an IBIS file. Each subcircuit is then wrapped in one of several
different subcircuits depending on component and pin (or signal name).
This gives subcircuit names like (note that spaces in the model name
get converted to underscores):


for bare buffers and:


for a buffer with parasitics. The buffers can then be connected with
transmission lines for simulating SI problems.


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