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gFTP: gFTP 2.0.7pre1 is available...

   I just uploaded gFTP 2.0.7pre1 up to my website. You can download it
at http://gftp.seul.org/. If you have any questions or problems with this
release, feel free to email me about it. Here is the changes in this

* HTTP Protocol fixups. It now supports resuming file transfers, and has
  an improved HTTP parsing engine
* Added support for transfering files via the SSH protocol. See the FAQ
  for details about how to do this
* Added FXP support
* Added read and write timeouts on the file transfers. This will make gftp
  be able to start file transfers again if you have an unstable internet
* Doesn't peg the CPU load when connecting or getting directory listings
* Fixed problem with reading from control connection on SunOS and Digital
* Configure script will now detect pthreads library properly on Digital
* Added Russian translation
* Finished internal code cleanup I started back in version 2.0.6
* Other small bug fixes and enhancements


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