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gFTP: 2.0.11 has been released...

   I'm pleased to announce the release of gFTP 2.0.11. It can be downloaded
at www.gftp.org. Here is a list of the changes in this release:

* Fixed delete crash
* Fixed problem with SSHV2 not showing directories with more than 100 files
* Fixed several memory leaks
* Enabled cache for SSH/SSH2
* Fixed stalled SSH transfers (~ escape sequences)
* Spanish updates (from Gustavo D. Vranjes <gvranjes@abaconet.com.ar>)
* Small German translation fixes (from Bernd Leibing <Bernd.Leibing@rz.uni-ulm.de> and Reinhold Trocker <reinhold.trocker@dnet.it>)
* Updated deb.xpm (from Robert Millan <zeratul2@wanadoo.es>)


01a27dbaa418537c4790e8693dc73581  gftp-2.0.11-1.i386.rpm
b1685d94a7bb349fd504e4c507ba03c8  gftp-2.0.11-1.src.rpm
3c63b5eed2faffe820bace112be2db8a  gftp-2.0.11.tar.gz
a6610e37ebc403959792d92703e7c750  gftp-common_2.0.11_i386.deb
95eb0221be2368432fabf2aa9ed4b54e  gftp-gtk_2.0.11_i386.deb
cf3fe75e334b347f9fdf7c7ec0696647  gftp-text_2.0.11_i386.deb
2573c67fd8ada93b6a564a0b5e0eff06  gftp_2.0.11_i386.deb

If you have any questions or problems with this release, feel free to email


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