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gFTP: gFTP 2.0.15rc1 has been released

I am pleased to announce the availability of gFTP 2.0.15rc1. Here is a list
of changes since version 2.0.14:

* I18N improvements in GTK+ 2.0 port. If the remote server is not returning 
  output in UTF8, it will first attempt to convert it from the local
  character set and if that fails it will try the character sets listed in 
  the remote_charsets option.
* Added an improved internal configuration interface. You can now override
  just about any option in the bookmarks dialog for a particular site.
* Each protocol that gFTP supports is now completely self contained in it's
  own file. So, if gFTP doesn't support your favorite protocol, it should be
  pretty easy to add support
* When you attempt to connect to a site and there is a fatal error, gFTP will 
  abort properly and no longer keep trying to log back into the server.
* Fixes for transferring files greater than 2.1GB.
* Improved throttling of file transfers.
* Added support to expire cache entries after a particular period of time.
* FTP: Added IPV6 support. gFTP is almost 100% IPV6 compatible. If you are
  not using a proxy server, you will not run into any issues. The list of 
  local networks to not use the proxy server is still currently IPV4 only.
* FTP: Added ability to parse VMS directory listings.
* FTP: The firewall_* options were renamed to ftp_proxy_* for better 
  consistency with the other protocols.
* SSH2: More informative error messages when the initial connection to the 
  remote server fails. You should hopefully not see those "Messages size too
  big" error messages anymore.
* SSH2: Improved the PTY interface.
* Removed legacy SSH protocol. THe SSH2 protocol is now the only SSH protocol
  supported. You had to enable an option in 2.0.14 to be able to use this
* HTTP: Lots of improvements to this protocol. 
* Added support for the HTTPS protocol. I added a generic SSL layer to the
  code so that other SSL protocols can be easily added.
* The bookmarks and configuration file is now only written if something
  changed during this session.
* Build fixes for various platforms
* Lots of cleanups and improvements to the core library. Also lots of bug
  fixes throughout the code.
* New language translations and updates (am ar ca cs es fr hu ja mk ms nl pl 
  pt pt_BR ru sr sr@Latn sv tr uk zh_TW). Thanks to everybody that has
  contributed language updates!


961e32e02aec9f6a89ae8c7afaf654b3  gftp-gtk_2.0.15rc1-1_i386.deb
82e90ba2406e5fa4ff04323fea63b982  gftp-text_2.0.15rc1-1_i386.deb
59e23ca93f745f696a222055e911190e  gftp-2.0.15rc1.tar.bz2
fbc470390df06a61f554c2df88951c13  gftp-2.0.15rc1.tar.gz
c63aae06ce5ccb0c9f07c8310a3d51f2  gftp_2.0.15rc1-1_i386.deb
ce0a36fb4991912bd9b34ec75a854475  gftp-common_2.0.15rc1-1_i386.deb

I would like to thank everyone that has submitted patches, bug reports,
translations, or offered ideas for improvements.


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