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gFTP: gFTP 2.0.14rc1 has been released

   I am pleased to announce the release of gFTP 2.0.14rc1. It can be
downloaded from http://www.gftp.org/. If anyone finds any bugs in this
release, please email them to me. I plan to release a final 2.0.14 the
beginning of next week when I get back from Thanksgiving.

Changes from 2.0.13 to 2.0.14rc1

* GTK+ 2.0 improvements - i18n fixes, uses more stock icons
* SSHV2 fixes (timeout fixes, improved login)
* Small cleanups to the rest of the supported protocols
* Improved directory sorting performance
* Added save directory listing 
* Large file support
* When canceling transfers, you most likely won't be disconnected from the
  remote site
* DND improvements
* Fixed several small bugs
* Added/updated Translations: Bulgarian, Danish, Dutch, French, German, 
  Hungarian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, 
  Traditional Chinese 


9b57e94796cf0211812fcdd8daaa8a68  gftp-2.0.14rc1-1.src.rpm
d8698fce024bf80978154e5aea66c7bf  gftp-2.0.14rc1-1.i386.rpm
bcf8164cd5ff332f648c472b2ebb73bf  gftp-2.0.14rc1.tar.bz2
2ac0a1bf5420b48bde653e2be55cae9e  gftp-2.0.14rc1.tar.gz

Note: I didn't build any Debian packages yet. I ran into problems generating
the packages, but I'll have those available when I release 2.0.14. Also, if 
you run into problems with installing the RPMs, you may have to rebuild them 
for your system. To do this, run rpm --rebuild gftp-2.0.14rc1-1.src.rpm. A RPM 
should be built in /usr/src/(redhat|rpm)/RPMS/<arch>


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