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gFTP: gFTP 2.0.19 has been released

I am pleased to announce the availability of gFTP 2.0.19. Here is a
summarized list of changes since version 2.0.18. For a full list of changes,
please see the ChangeLog file that is included with the source distribution.

* Cleanups to the networking code
* Fixed several segfaults.
* Several i18n fixes
* Added support for wildcard SSL certificates
* Fixes for downloading files using SFTP where the user doesn't have write
  access to the file.
* Disable some features of the remote FTP server is a VMS server or OS/400
* Fixed Solaris compile problem and pty issue under HPUX
* Updated to use FSPLIB 0.9
* Added Tango styled icon theme
* The menus are now a little closer to other GNOME applications
* New/updated language translations: ar bg ca cs da de dz el en_CA en_GB el es
  fi fr gl gu he hu it ja ko lt lv mk nb ne nl no oc pt_BR pt_po ro ru rw sv
  uk zh_HK zh_TW


4c0cab4b35e8666f5892b02125270a21  gftp-2.0.19.tar.gz
5183cb4955d94be0e03c892585547c64  gftp-2.0.19.tar.bz2
d2976ef80e17f789c5b7926bd6065970  gftp_2.0.19-1_all.deb
efa1467c27573d41e04d2857d55f56ec  gftp-common_2.0.19-1_i386.deb
49fd5e328a1d5c80a096b0e3b488f265  gftp-text_2.0.19-1_i386.deb
d09d9557822ead8bd75ab3fc870285f0  gftp-gtk_2.0.19-1_i386.deb

I would like to thank everyone that has contributed to this release by sending
bug reports, suggestions, patches and translations. The following people have
submitted patches or translations since 2.0.18 was released:

Vincent van Adrighem, Djihed Afifi, Emmanuel Andry, Arangel, Frank Arnold,
Žygimantas BeruÄ?ka, Josep Puigdemont i Casamajó, Nikos Charonitakis,
Abel Cheung, Pawan Chitrakar, Matthieu Crapet, Raivis Dejus, Damien Durand,
Maxim Dziumanenko, Jonathan Ernst, Valek Filippov, Leonardo Ferreira Fontenelle,
Allyn Fratkin, Vincent Fretin, Alessio Frusciante, Pema Geyleg, Dimitris Glezos,
Filipe Gomes, Jorge Gonzalez, Yair Hershkovitz, Ã?ivind Hoel, Alan Horkan,
Khaled Hosny, Aurelien Jarno, Gabor Kelemen, Namhyung Kim, Chao-Hsiung Liao,
David Lodge, Duarte Loreto, Henrique Machado, Nick Mainsbridge, Kjartan Maraas,
Yannig Marchegay, Tino Meinen, Christophe Merlet, Steve Murphy, Jovan Naumovski,
Nathaniel M Nelson, Kenneth Nielsen, Daniel Nylander, Alexander Orlov,
Kostas Papadimas, Claude Paroz, Guilherme de S. Pastore, Ankit Patel,
Davide Patti, Josep Puigdemont, Ignacio Casal Quinteiro, Stéphane Raimbault,
Madhan Raj, Rostislav Raykov, Scott Reeves, Hendrik Richter, Owen Roberts,
Changwoo Ryu, Matthias Scheler, Pavel Sefranek, Jens Seidel,
Francisco Javier F. Serrador, Nickolay V. Shmyrev, Morita Sho, Alexander Shopov,
Joerg Sonnenberger, Richard Stellingwerff, Miloslav Trmac, Mugurel Tudor,
Ilkka Tuohela, Adam Weinberger, Jonh Wendell, Rob Wilkens and Shixin Zeng.

If you find any bugs in this release, please report them using GNOME's Bugzilla.

I would also like to apologize for the long delay getting this release out
the door.

Brian Masney
gFTP-announce list, gftp-announce-request@xxxxxxxx