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gFTP: gFTP 2.0.4 has been released

   I am proud to announce that gFTP 2.0.4 has been released. You can
download it from my website at http://gftp.seul.org or via ftp at
ftp://ftp.seul.org/pub/gftp. Here is the CHANGELOG entry from 2.0.3 to

Changes from 2.0.3 to 2.0.4

* Removed all of the old ftp proxy code and added scripting to log into
  your firewall. This makes it possible to log into ftp proxies not
  previously supported. Note: You will have to reselect your proxy type if
  you are upgrading from a previous version
* When transfering a file, if the remote site disconnects, gFTP can
  automatically resume the transfer of the file where it last left off.
  The maximum times that it will do this is the number you have your
  connect retries set to.
* Fixed problem with auto-retry on connect.
* When downloading files, fixed problem with sometimes interpreting file
  size wrong from ftp server.
* The return and delete keys now work again in the listboxes.
* Added option to send SITE command.
* Passwords can now not be saved in the config file. When you try to
  connect to a bookmark that doesn't have a password set, it will prompt 
  you to enter a password
* When you add a new Bookmark, it will not save your password. If you want
  your password to be stored in the config file automatically, you must go
  to edit bookmarks, and edit that bookmark entry and add it there
* When you edit a remote file, it will now ask if you want to upload the
  new file to the remote server
* If you right click on the local or remote listboxes, it will bring up a
  menu with the items in the Local and Remote menu.
* Will now interpret UNIX and Mac style filenames that have spaces in them
* Fixed problem that if your view/edit program had arguments with it, the
  program would not execute (ex: xterm -e vi)
* Changed behavior of the OpenURL button. Here is what will happen when
  you click on the OpenURL button. If you are connected to a site, it will
  disconnect from the site. If you aren't connected to a site, and you
  have a hostname entered on the toolbar, it will connect to that host.
  Otherwise it will bring up the OpenURL dialog
* Various other small bug fixes

If you have questions, please feel free to get ahold of me

Brian Masney <masneyb@seul.org>

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