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[gftp] perm. bug: can't view -rw-r--r-- file?

I'm getting "Permission denied" when trying to view a remote file whose permissions are world-readable (-rw-r--r--). This actually happens with a few files, not just one. But other files in the same remote dir with the same perms don't have this problem. The only difference is that the un-viewable files are owned by 33/33 while the viewable files are owned by 1001/1001. But that shouldn't affect whether I can view the files, should it?

Here's the log output:

195: Open /var/www/foo/cgi-bin/bar/baz/whatever.css.snapshot
195: Permission denied

I'm running 2.0.18 and connecting with SSH2, and when I open an xterm and use scp to manually copy the file -- with the same user/pass as in gFTP -- it works fine.

Anthony DiSante