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Re: [gftp] SCP support in gFTP ?

Le mer 07/01/2004 à 22:19, Brian Masney a écrit :
> I would consider adding this feature, but in order to do directory listings
> and to do other operations gftp would have to spawn a shell on the remote server
> to do this. Then it would have to worry about users' shell and shell prompts. It
> would be entirely too messy to do this. By using sftp-server I don't have to
> worry about any of this.

Thanks for your answer Brian!
So do you think it's still worth trying to add it to gFTP? If you spawn
a command like "ssh server_address ls" to list a dir, and open a new ssh
connection like that each time the user wants to list a new dir, you
won't have to deal with shell prompts, right? (the connectionn would be
closed right after the results would be displayed)
I used to use WinSCP2 under Windows, which did exactly this, and it was
quite convenient...

Alexandre Aractingi <aaractingi@libertysurf.fr>