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Re: [gftp] Settings question

See http://www.gftp.org/faq.html and that will explain how to fix that message
you are seeing. Also, if you aren't using version 2.0.16, I would suggest
upgrading to that version. It will give you more informative error messages.

You want the '-e none' option. If you transfer a file that has the escape
sequences listed below, you will run into problems.

From manpage of ssh(1):

     A single tilde character can be sent as ~~ or by following the tilde by a
character other than those described below.  The escape
     character must always follow a newline to be interpreted as special.  The
escape character can be changed in configuration files
     using the EscapeChar configuration directive or on the command line by the
-e option.

     The supported escapes (assuming the default '~') are:

     ~.      Disconnect

     ~^Z     Background ssh

     ~#      List forwarded connections

     ~&      Background ssh at logout when waiting for forwarded connection /
X11 sessions to terminate

     ~?      Display a list of escape characters

     ~C      Open command line (only useful for adding port forwardings using
the -L and -R options)

     ~R      Request rekeying of the connection (only useful for SSH protocol
version 2 and if the peer supports it)


On Thu, Jan 08, 2004 at 12:57:28PM -0500, Janyne Kizer wrote:
> Is there a way to turn change the parameters that gFTP passes?  I see 
> that it is using "ssh -e none" and I would like it not to do that.  Some 
> of our terminals (the newer Thinstars in this case) don't handle that 
> parameter even from the command line.  Is there a way to force a 
> different setting?
> We are using Red Hat 9 with a multiuser, thin client setup.  We have 
> tried that latest three versions of gFTP but to no avail.  We think that 
> the problem is the "-e none" setting but we are open to other suggestions.
> The error that we are seeing is:
> Error: Message size 1483499874 too big from server
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> Janyne Kizer
> Systems Programmer Administrator
> NC State University, College of Agriculture & Life Sciences
> Extension Information Technology