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[gftp] Re: Settings question

I've been getting the errors that Janyne posts as well. And I'm
assuming that it's because gftp is trying to execute `sftp -e none
...yada', and my copy of sftp does not support sftp. This is the error
I get:

Running program sftp -e none -l XXXX -p 22 XXX.XX.XX.XXX -s sftp
3: Protocol Initialization
There was an error initializing a SSH connection with the remote
server. The error message from the remote server follows:
sftp: illegal option -- e
usage: sftp [-vC1] [-b batchfile] [-o option] [-s subsystem|path] [-B
            [-F config] [-P direct server path] [-S program]
            [user@]host[:file [file]]
Disconnecting from site XXX.XX.XX.XXX

I'm using gftp 2.0.16, from Debian pkgs, sarge. 


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