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[gftp] folder entry

Hi Brian, we have found it is annoying that the program rewrites the
text on the folder entry field after reloading the file list. We have
automatic reloading of list after transfer. The problem is that say you
are waiting for a 10 second transfer to finish. In the meantime you
start typing a new folder which you want to change to after the
transfer, but then the folder name you were typing is rewritten when the
transfer is done.  So we just disabled the rewriting of the folder in
that case and that was it. Please consider making this change on your side.

Another change we did with the folders was save folders into the folder
history only when a transfer is made, so the history has just the
folders where transfers ocurred and not every folder in the way.
Something we would like to see but have not implemented is persistent
per-site folder history.