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[gftp] gftp-text -d doesn't work as before anymore


Some time ago, I was using gftp-text to download whole directories and files in it, and I was using it in a script:

$ gftp-text -d 'ftp://user:pass@*'

If I halted the machine and the files didn't download completly, they were automatically resumed after I next time run the above command.

I don't know when the change appeared, but now I can't use gftp-text in a script anymore, and I chave to decide what to do:

§ gftp-text -d 'ftp://user:pass@*'
Successfully changed local directory to /home/tch/Desktop/Filmy
A Walk to Remember.avi already exists. (733,530,112 source size, 40,134,695 destination size):
(o)verwrite, (r)esume, (s)kip, (O)verwrite All, (R)esume All, (S)kip All: (r) R

Is there a command-line parameter to "(R)esume all" without user interaction?

gftp-text --help does not tell us anything about the options (I'm aware of only one, -d):

$ gftp-text --help
usage: gftp [[protocol://][user[:pass]@]site[:port][/directory]]

-- T.