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Re: [gftp] gFTP 2.0.18pre1 (20040804)

   Here is a patch to lib/sshv2.c that will log which directory entries gftp
could not parse. To appy this, change to the gftp-2.0.18pre1 directory and type
patch -p0 < gftp-sshv2-logging.patch

You may also want to try changing the remote_charsets option in the options
dialog. If that doesn't work, then send me the Cannot parse XXXX errors.

If this patch does not apply cleanly, then the following URL has the latest
code: http://www.gftp.org/gftp-test.tar.bz2


On Wed, Sep 08, 2004 at 11:06:41PM +0200, Andreas Wagner wrote:
> Hello Brian, hello list,
> * Brian Masney wrote on Sep/07/2004:
> > I have a fix for this in CVS (and in http://www.gftp.org/gftp-test.tar.bz2).
> > gftp did not know the ssh client was waiting for the password since gftp didn't
> > know how to handle non-english messages from the ssh client. I am now passing
> > the strings that I am looking for through gettext. You will need to edit the
> > de.po and you will need to translate the following english strings to the
> > proper German. They will have to match what the SSH client returns.
> > 
> > "Enter passphrase for RSA key"
> > "Enter passphrase for key '"
> > "Password"
> > "password"
> Wow, cool. Even without having to change anything, I can log in now and I'm
> one step further. Unfortunately it doesn't display the directory contents when
> logged in. Looks possibly like a charset/locale issue. Could it have something
> to do with my linux distribution now using de_DE.utf8 as a locale and doing
> all sorts of stuff in utf8 natively?
> Here's the log:
> ----
> Lokales Verzeichnis erfolgreich nach /home/wagner gewechselt
> Stelle SSH Verbindung mit login.server.uni-frankfurt.de her
> Starte Programm: ssh -e none -l wagner -p 22 login.server.uni-frankfurt.de -s sftp
> 3: Protokollinitialisierung
> 3: Protokollversion 3
> Erfolgreich mit SSH Server login.server.uni-frankfurt.de verbunden
> 1: Tats?chlicher Pfad /home/stud/wagner
> 1: Filenames (1 entries)
> Loading directory listing /home/stud/wagner from server (LC_TIME=de_DE.UTF-8)
> Empfange Verzeichnisliste...
> 2: ?ffne Verzeichnis /home/stud/wagner 
> 2: File handle
> 3: Lese Verzeichnis
> 3: Filenames (16 entries)
> 4:  Schlie?en
> 4: ?ffne Verzeichnis  !you !X( 
> 4: OK
> ----
> After "Protokollversion 3" it says it connected successfully :)
> But then the remote file list remains empty (in a login done by a bookmark pointing
> to a different remote dir on the same server, it said Filenames (20 entries)
> and then stopped without displaying anything). Even when I navigate in the
> directories (i can always only go to the parent directory), the display stays
> empty.
> (In the pre-last line, there's actually a capitalized !Y and then a very weird
> char. The !X( is there, however.)
> Any idea what this is and where I should try to tackle it? Or what kind of
> information I should provide additionally? (I'm no programmer, so I'm not sure
> how helpful I really am.)
> Thanks a lot for your looking after my problem already now.
> Andreas
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