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GraphThing 0.9.4 released

Howdy Fair People,

GraphThing 0.9.4 is ready for consumption, packed with useful features
and gizmos (http://graph.seul.org).

Changes from 0.9.3 are as follows:

	* Massive chromatic number optimisations for simple graphs
	* Unlimited undo
	+ Edge orienting from inside GUI
	+ Exporters for GraphML and Graphviz formats
	- Removed redundant pop-up menu

Please give me some feedback on this release. I'd like to make only one
or two more 0.9.x releases before making a version 1.0 milestone
release, and I want things to be really solid.



"Computer science is no more about computers
  than astronomy is about telescopes."
	- E.W. Dijkstra