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Re: Translation updates - beta Romanian Translation

Here is the Romanian translation.
Some terms are hard to translate, for example in Romanian if an edge is
oriented it is called "arc" and if not it is called "muchie". I have used
"muchie" for now, but I am gathering information about a more adequate
translation of the term and I will modify it as soon as posible.


On Thu, 15 Jan 2004, Dave Symonds wrote:
> Hi,
> Attention: Translators
> It's probably about time that the translations get updated. A complete
> review of all the strings for your language would be great, but in case
> you can't, I've listed below particular strings that remain
> untranslated.
> -----------------------------------------------
> "Graph is weakly connected."
> "Graph is strongly connected."
> "Edit"		[ as in an Edit menu ]
> "Undo"
> -----------------------------------------------
> Thanks in advance,
> Dave.
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>   than astronomy is about telescopes."
> 	- E.W. Dijkstra

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