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Re: your mail

On Sat, 24 Jan 2004, Nikos Apostolakis wrote:

Feedback of any form is always appreciated, thanks!

> 1) It would nice if one could label the edges and the vertices with arbitrary
>    symols, or even to be able to have edges and vertices colored differently.

That's true. At the moment, vertices can be coloured differently, but
only when chromatic numbers are computed. A good goal would be for
vertices and edges to have several different properties (including
colouring, text, etc.).

> 2) It would also be nice to have the option to export to some format that can
>    be used "as is" in some latex documents eg eps. Or if it could genetate
>    some pstricks code.

That shouldn't be too hard. I'll try to massage the printing
functionality into an EPS exporter.

> 3) How can one get directed edges?

Directed edges are created by making an (undirected) edge, then double
clicking on it to set its direction.



"Computer science is no more about computers
  than astronomy is about telescopes."
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