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GraphThing 1.1 released!

Hello All,

GraphThing 1.1 is now released. The focus of this release was to start
adding network flow (on digraphs) support and algorithms.

GraphThing homepage:   http://graph.seul.org
wxWidgets homepage:   http://www.wxwidgets.org

Changes from 1.0 are:
        + Network flow support and algorithms
        + File format update (better use of "info" block)
        + Experimental curved edges
        * Updated German translation
        * Quieter, improved build process (requiring GNU make)
        * Made parsers more permissive
        * Several minor bug fixes

Note that with the file format change, graphs saved with GraphThing
1.1 won't load in earlier versions (though you can just delete the
contents of the info {} block at the top of the file), but older files
will load in GraphThing 1.1. Hopefully this change will remain
forward-compatible from this time onwards.



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