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GraphThing 0.9.5 GUI consistency questions

I just installed GraphThing 0.9.5 and have a question
about the GUI. In vertex mode, I select one vertex
by left-clicking and then add more vertices to the
selection by shift-left-clicking them. If I
shift-left-click on a selected vertex it becomes
unselected. Unshifted left-clicking a new vertex
deselects the previously selected ones and selects
just the new one.

These behaviors are familiar from other pieces of

In edge mode, I also select an edge by left-clicking
it. But then the behavior diverges from the model in
vertex mode:

Ordinary unshifted left-clicking other edges adds
them to the selection. Shifted left-clicking does
nothing. And I have not found a way to deselect a
selected edge without deselecting the entire set of
selected edges.

Are these differences intentional, or did something
break in the implement of the new (and ecellent)
feature of right-clicking an edge to cycle through
its orientations? Is there a way to deselect a
single edge?
For the record, I am using GraphThing 0.9.5 which I
built an installed on Red Hat 9.

Thanks so much for your help!

Lia Adams

Dave Symonds wrote:
Hello All,

GraphThing 0.9.5 is now released, with a focus on making things easier
to use (http://graph.seul.org).