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simple end user (fwd)

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I have read your  complete site with interest.  I am a DOSWIN98 user and
have over 30 years of data processing, main-frame, and PC experience.  I
was a Windows troubleshooter for a local ISP.  I can read and I can turn
the thing on.  I want to install LINUX and have 7 different
distributions and a video card (SiS 3D PRO - 8 meg) which X 3.3.2 does
not recognize.  I have ordered a new card that should solve that
problem.  It only took me a week to decipher the install info from the
books and finally the XFree86 site to figure this out.  

So--I was encouraged to find your site.  

After reading the whole site, I went to the download page last and what
do I get but what I call (MORE LINUX GOBBEL-DE GOOK).  For the Disk
installs section on the download.html page I read that I am to download
the boot image and the supplemental floppy image, and grap the contents
of the Independance.tzg file and put it into an empty directory.  

OK.  Click on the boot image and all I get is a very long page of code. 
What do I do with this.  REMEMBER, I am a Win98 user and have no idea
what this is.  REALLY!!  Also the same for supplemental floppy image.
AS a simply end user, emphasis on simple, what do I do the page of code
and how?

When I click on the Independence. tzg file, it starts downloading into
the WinZip program and when it gets through, I say to extract it to my D
drive and nothings there.  Do I put it into a DOS partition or a LINUX
partition.  Do I need an 83 and an 82 linux partition or what.  

This is the kind of trouble I am having with linux.  Everything
downloads different,  Linux and  DOS do not recognize the others
partitions, and I can't download linux files (except using win95/98
programs) because I can't get linux installed and the language and
procedures are different.  

I might as well be trying to follow the instruction in russian.

Can you help?

Cliff White
Lafayette, La

PS!!  It does sound like I wrote part of this site!