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Boo! I'm back...

...with something you guys probably want: latest GNOME RPMs.  I've got a
full build environment set up at work, and I'm currently setting up my
alpha machine to do alpha builds as well.

They're still being shaken out a bit (I built them over the last 12hrs and
only a few people have them so far), but they should stabilize within a
week, and can then be incorporated into Independence.  I have a build
process that uses a chroot'd environment, so all I have to do is install
Independence (which is redhat-5.2 +- lots of changes that shouldn't affect
the builds much), chroot, and start building...

I'm not sure if you guys have any other proceedures I should follow, but
if you're interested in snagging these and getting indy up to the latest
GNOME, just holler and I'll do what I can to make things mesh nicely.


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