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Re: Gnome

I just finished installing Gnome myself.  It is extreamly stable and has a 
great UI.  It is well worth including in the future of Indy.  It is also very 
easy to install...just download the RPMS for RH 5.2...make sure guile, 
xscreensaver, umb-scheme, and gsl are installed...remove gimp-devel, 
imlib-devel, and gtk+-devel and then do an 
rpm -Uvh *.rpm the the dir you downloaded Gnome to.  Edit your ~/.Xsession 
file and your all set.  Extreamly easy.  I haven't noticed any problems with 
it yet...and it is very configurable.  Plus you can choose between gdn and 
xdm.  Which I am going to try now.  

Max DiOrio