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Re: Bouncing mails

> I don't know if other people are receiving notifications for bounced
> mails of a Russian guy whose ISP is out of reach.  In case you are
> receiving them tell me (private mail) and I will unsubscribe him until
> his problems are solved.  By the way is it possible to configure this
> in majordomo?  I never saw that happenning in other mail lists.
> -- 
> 			Jean Francois Martinez
> Project Independence: Linux for the Masses
> http://www.independence.seul.org

No, the bounces only go to you, me, and Donovan (we're the people
on owner-independence-l). I tend to remove people once their mail has
been bouncing for a while. I can remove you from owner-independence-l if
you want to stop getting the bounces.