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Re: Linux and games

> I've only got one question to ask cos im new to Linux and basically 
> all O.S's, but will SEUL support games like quake2? or do the actual 
> developers of these games need to create support for Linux?
SEUL is not actually a distribution -- we're a project organized to
do non-technical development, such as advocacy and education, as well as
encourage other projects to take end-user issues into account.

One of the projects we're supporting is Project Independence, which is a
Linux distribution based from Redhat 5.2 (www.redhat.com). Thus,
Independence will support anything that runs on the Redhat 5.2 distribution.

In general, the developers of games need to include support for Linux --
this is why there aren't nearly as many commercial games for Linux as we'd
like there to be. On the other hand, ID Software is an exception -- they
tend to develop their games under Linux (I know they did for Doom and Doom
II, I'm not sure about Quake) and then port them to Windows (where the
market is) at the last moment. Thus, they offer a unix/linux version of
their games by default because they start out with one.

Specifically, look at ftp://ftp.idsoftware.com/idstuff/quake2/unix/
They have packages for Solaris, Redhat (which would work on Independence),
and generic Linux (which would also work on Independence, but wouldn't be
quite as simple to install).

Hope this helps,