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Newbie needs help

Hello, I'm Lorne Williams. I live in Prince George, British
Columbia, Canada. That's UTC -7:00 in daylight savings time.

I am an experienced DOS and Windows user (15 years), with
two years classroom time teaching people to use Windows and
Windows apps. I've volunteered to help out with the
Independence project.

I am in the process of downloading the distribution.
How big is this thing? I'm up to the "g's" in the RPMS,
already about 70 MBs. Plus the base install folder of 14 MB.
I'm in trouble! I don't have a lot of hard drive space to
spare, unless I remove all my win apps and start over.
That's not an option right now.

I may be considered typical of a large segment of the
market. Here's what I want to do:
- install a minimum system, standalone, with my ISP
connection so I can retreive email and browse the web.
- start up in X. GUI is so much friendlier than the command
- eliminate all development tools - I am not a programmer.
- eliminate duplication of apps. eg: text editors. give me
one that works. I don't need 6 or 8 to start with. Do I
really need emacs?
- eliminate the command line versions, where possible, in
favor of the X version.

Does anyone have a plan that will get me going in a 200 MB
Linux partition? Dual boot with Win95 for now.