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RE: independence (fwd)

>In this case (with the RPMs), the name screwups are not as important as the
>of the RPMS directory.  I downloaded to Win95 and transferred them to a
>partition in RH5.1.  While Win95 dropped the multi dots, Linux ignored the
>long filename and truncated to the Win95 default 8.3 format.  I was faced
>the massive task of fixing all the names, but decided to try the install
>I had some script errors (I identified them to the list but never got a
>- do they matter or not?) but all the packages were identified and installed.
> I
>have had no problems running KDE although I have had to use a workaround -
>startkde won't do a startx or xinit so I have had to run xinit followed by
>startkde in the console window that appears.  I would assume that the install
>smart enough to ignore the bad filenames and delve into the guts of the RPMs
>themselves to find out what package is inside.

   Cool if it works.  I remember the post, but did not have an answer
for you, so I didn't .  The formal answer would be "Hmmm...  Well...
Try it and see." :-)  As for KDE, try startx.  The startx script was
modified for independence to start KDE if it was installed.