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Re: Newbie Idea

On Fri, 23 Apr 1999, R. G. Mayhue wrote:

> The mail from "Newbie needs help" gave me an idea. 

IMO installing off the CD is the best choice for the newbie. Until we are
on CD, we will not reach the newbies. 

[ snip]

> kernel either. Their looking for something different to use
> other than MS products to scratch an itch. If they wanted
> to try programming later, make an upgrade available.

yep, leave header files out of the default install, and they can install
them later. IOW, newbies shouldn't have to go through the trouble of
downloading any distro over a modem, and we want it on CD as soon as we
have a more solid release.

There is one way we could deal with your oints: have a directory that just
symlinks to all the non developement software. Personally I don't think
this will help a great deal though. 


-- Donovan