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Re: Newbie Idea

jfm2@club-internet.fr wrote:

> Once you have purged the install you must build a new comps file.  You
> will see it is not so easy.  But the problem is that once you have
> leaned the distrib it will be still a 30$ download for a french
> customer dowloading through modem (people on LAns don't need your
> cuts).

I disagree.  I'm on a LAN and it took me the better part of two afternoons to
download all the packages, one by one (selected one at a time - I usually get
about 10 files downloading at once but the problem is that if Netscape, wonderful
as it is, crashes, you have to rebuild where you were at - and I still don't have
Linux working on any network, PPP or otherwise).  A cut down version would be
helpful to anyone who doesn't care to compile from source.  Besides, if it isn't
there, the newbie doesn't wonder what it's for and install it "just in case" (as
I did, since I have the HD space).

> A thing who would be useful would be to a new category besides
> workstation and server.  Workstation partitions automatically and
> installs a selection of packages but these are too hackersistic.  We
> could have soimething like funstation or home station (pick a name)
> heavy on games abnd real life software but purgeed of everything
> related to development.

Sounds good to me, I would probably use it, at least to try, on one install.

Brian Wiens