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Re: about lpe

Den søn, 25 apr 1999 skrev du:
> jfm2@club-internet.fr wrote:

> No.  I asked about edit.com clones.  The reason is simple.
> edit.com looks and works exactly like notepad.exe & kedit & kwrite
> & wordperfect & ... you get where I'm going ?  All the GUI editors
> have the same appearance and behavior as edit.com.  MS even changed
> the key bindings for cut, copy and past to match Windows/KDE standard.
It's very important not to change the way people are used to working, not even
if you think your way is better. It should be anathema, unless you have a
REALLY good reason. This is a problem with lpe: Ctrl+Q is 'Save to an alternate
file' in lpe, 'quit' in KDE, 'q' is usually associated with quit. Ctrl+X is
'save and exit', but 'X' is often associated with 'eXit'. Usually if people are
dropped in a program without reading the documentation, they will try a number
of costumary commands. If those commands do something dangerous, bad things will

> > I forgot about static linking.  I have looked at slang and lpe would be
> > still smaller than VI
> > 
> > > lpe is only  96493, /bin/vi is 437428 (I suppose vi can be compiled to fill
> > > less)
> > >
> > 
> > I suspect it has curses compiled statitic in it.
> For shame.  How did MS make the Win95 version so small :)
> ls -l edit.com -rw-r--r-- 1 root root 69886 Jul 11  1995 edit.com 
A very good question.
A statically linked lpe is actually >800 K  :-)
I don't know how to bring that down. Maybe some old Atari programmers can give
advice :-)

> I'll look at lpe ... if I can find it.

mvh/best regards
Birger Langkjer