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RE: Newbie Idea

>About servers that is another matter.  Samba could be of use at home
>but..  Apache could be of use in case one day we put dynamic doc with
>CGIs like in Caldera 1.3 (if one of the web designers ois redaing this
>he should a look at the RPM).  An FTP server seems me realatively
>useless for the people we target along with SNMP, bootp and dhcp.

   At this point, I think we are missing a large market for no real
reason.  A lot of new users are also MCSE's, and network admins.  They
need a lot of the same things we are building in for home users.  And
just look at the comp.os.windows.networking group to see how many people
are trying to run NAT on Win95.  While we may not need to emphasize some
of the server aspects, we damn sure don't want to loose them.  I think
we need to have more options that just "server," "workstation," and
"everything" in the install.  Perhaps "home" or "playstation."

>Linux is not so hard once you understand there are many ways to use it
>and only one of them requires you learning the command line.  About
>difficult installs that is not so much Linux than the fact we are not
>majority.  But more and more PC manufacturers are selling PCs with
>Linux preinstalled.
>Finally even Macs are difficult with just electronic doc.

   This gives me a thought.  Open source books...  What if we allow any
copy shop to print and bind for a small binding fee?  With Open Law
being tried, I don't see it as that far out.