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Re: Newbie Idea

Bud Beckman wrote:
> Jean
> >>
> >> I am still trying to figure out the filing system, what I need and do not
> >> need.
> >>
> >
> >The file system or the filing system?
> Directory system, folders, as they are called in windoze, and sub
> directories. Another bad mistake on my part. However, I don't intend to
> learn right away why these files are here and those there etc. . . Are they
> all standardized for each distribution?
> Bud

Mostly.  Here is a quick outline of stuff they agree on.

/etc -: system wide configurations.
/bin -: Binaries
/lib -: Shared Libraries
/var -: Log files and spool files.  basically the stuff the system 
	records without you asking
/home -: user home dirs.  Some systems ( like ours ) put web sites
	under here too along with all other public access dirs.

/usr -: has most of the system organized in the same dirs 
   ... plus other stuff.
/usr/doc -: Documentation
/usr/man -: Where the ladies hang out.  ( Actually it's more 
 	documentation :)