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Custom install guide

I have written the beginning of a guide to package selection which helps
newbies decide which of the package groups they wish to install.

It is at 


Comments welcome ( especially from new users ) 

I can possibly churn out something vaguely similar for the "individual
packages", but I am currently having doubts as to the cost(time) / benifit

Meanwhile, I had some unresolved issues: 

*	is there any way we can get an exact list of which RPMs are in
which of the installation groups ? I pretty much know what all of the RPMs
do, but I am not clear on a few of the "groups".

*	What the hell is "Dos / Windows connectivity" ? It looks like it
is not ( contrary to what I thought ) SAMBA or MARS_NWE which are in
seperate packages. Any thoughts ? 

*	What is the "network management workstation" ? 

*	My guess is that the "Networked workstation" includes components
that you need if you connect via an ethernet card. Is this correct ? 

-- Donovan