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Re: Indy Setup and Other Stuff

And the install offering to setup X:  It did, but it came up with errors, 
they were:
It said it failed to start X in probing mode and that I should configure my 
video board my-self .  Also the next probing area, after that, it said there 
was a problem with my configuration and whether or not I would like to go 
back.  And I KNOW my configuration was fine, but...

Ok.... I don't think Voodoo2 are suppose to be probed, my banshee wasn't and just manual configured not to hard.  Do you think you can send us the XFree86 Log file? I think it should be in /var or something, I foget something like XFree.0.log or such. That should help.  Also sometimes  what people new to linux in configuring X do is just guess on the Monitor frequency's, are you sure you got your monitors specific frequencys?  Thats pretty much vital and if you continue to guess it can do damage the monitor itself.  A copy of your xf86config, which should be in /etc/X11/ could help to troubleshoot the problem too.