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Re: Pre-pre-pre..........alpha

My /etc/fstab reads   :

/dev/hda2  /dos  auto  user,ro  0  0

As I understand it, the


means that the kernal should read microsoft FAT as well as the Unix FAT.
This should allow me to read all of the old windows NT files that I backed
up within the 4 gigabyte partition of the 8.1 giga hard drive of my Toshiba
Tecra 750DVD.

But when I attempt to mount the /dos partition /dev/hda2 I continually
receive the error message   :

 Kernal does not support NTFS

Is there a way around this using dosemu or perhaps another operating system?
So far I cannot now bypass LILO long enough to reboot with Windows 98, NT,
or 2000.   The only thing that will bypass LILO is the Red Hat cdrom.  Even
Caldera cdrom will not boot.

Any words of wisdom?????????