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Re: Indy goals

Rag3001@aol.com a écrit :

> I notice you say that one of Indy's goals is to get rid of the
> peterbed
> licenses of other software.  But I know many people who just shun that
> and
> use copied software, is there any way that we can make Indy so
> apealing that
> it will get people not to do this  AND to switch over?
> -Robert

No unless we send them the cops.   But I know of a guy who is a
Microsoft fanatic.  He
probably has a Bill Gates poster on his bedroom.   Well he is
considering to switch to Linux
because of the planned future Microsoft liceenses

Also a fair share of piracy is 'consented piracy'.    Adobe knows you
would not buy Photoshop if
you had to pay it so letting you pirat it does not make them lose
money.  What they get is a
person who has become used to Photoshop and will lobby his employer
about it and also eventually
could buy plugins (no matter if they are not from Adobe) and thus expand
their market so more plugins
are produced and at the end Photoshop smokes competitors thanks to its
many plugiins part of them having developped
thanks to the market of people who pirated Photoshop.

Another example is China.  Bill Gates has publically said Microsoft lets
chinese pirate Windows in order to
make them dependent about it and that then MS willl come with a scheme
to make them pay.

So pirated software is not the equivalent of legitimate free software:
it is often sugar coated poison.