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distro or add-on?

On Wed, 18 Apr 2001, Dinos Kouroushaklis wrote:


> We do not need to exclude the existing RH users.
> What is more important? To pass as another distribution or a make
> Linux easier for the end user? I think it is the second.
> Yes, we could have an Indy CD by it self as well as Indy as an add
> on to RH but that will probably complicate things and slow us down
> as it has in the past or even worse which we do not want to have
> happening again.

I agree with usability being more important than putting out another
> Going as a different distro with just one Developer (JFM) is very hard.
> Going as an add-on for RH is much easier (?JFM). In the first case our
> audience is people who will be interested in changing their distribution.
> In the second case our audience is all the current RH users who might be
> interested in making their distribution easier to use. This might attract
> other users to RH due to the value added from Indy for the ease of use.
> We do not need to make enemies just friends. It will be easier to become
> more useful to the public as an add on rather than a separate distribution.

As JFM stated, i did volunteer to help out where i can but to what extent
i will be able, i dont know.

> JFM what is your opinion? Since you are the developer (as far as I know)
> you need to tell us what will be easier for you? And you have the winning
> vote as well. If you are not interested in something like this let us
> know. We do not need to stray from the existing vision ... or your vison.



> Agree with all that Roger said here.
> Since our purpose is to make Linux easier for the user then we will make more
> good if our user base is the existing RedHat base instead of needing to
> our own from scratch.

I was not stating that Indy should just pretend its not RedHat under the hood
but i was just wondering whether someone who wants Indy would have to install
RH first. I dont think that would be good.

> An additional example is Bastille Linux which helps Linux users to tighten
> security on their existing RH and I think Mandrake distribution.
> Why not be like them?
> JFM ... your comments are much needed here.
> Dinos dinos@bigfoot.com
> PS: In my previous email I mentioned Basic Linux Training.
>      The correct url is http://basiclinux.hypermart.net/

Im a little behind on this post because of what JFM had to say on the
subject but i tought i would add my 2cents once again.


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