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Re: Resurrecting Indy

Jean Francois Martinez skrev:

> Resurrecting Indy

Hi Jean,

I'm pretty beat due to my new aprenticeship and It'll probably stay that
way until sometime in the end of 2003 :(

Anyway, I just want you to understand that I'm still game about Indy
(with these limitations):

  - I'll only be able to work in the weekends
  - I won't be taking part in any major discussions

As time's gone by, I've noticed that my goals/ideals have moved away
from those of Indy's. Although I still think Indy is a great initiative,
I won't be able to give it my "full love and attention". Instead of
leaving the project, I will instead suggest to you that we create a
translation group which should translate all relevant material
(programmes, docs etc.). This is a task I can administrate without
conflicting with my ideals (because there's no "real" questions to
discuss and/or argue about).

Is this something you think could be done?