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a projection of what i'll be doing

On Fri, 27 Apr 2001, Jean Francois Martinez wrote:
> I am presently busy in modernizing the printinh system
> I am also upgrading to Salmba 2.2 since it makes integration
> in Windows networks far easier.  It will also have a couple
> improvements who will make more palatable the life of the
> Linuxer in Windows networks.
> Also could anyone take a look at the Font Deuglification HOWTO?
> Indy must get this right.   Bad fonts means no use of Linux for word
> processing.
>                                     JFM

I still have not looked at the installation sources for mandrake 7.2
yet. I will go to their site now and see what i can find. hopefully
everything goes well with that. I figure a few days before i am
confortable with the basic location and purpose of things. At the same
time ill brush up on my perl skills.

I will notify you when i know enough about the installer to begin any
work. This will for sure take more than a few days. Anyways, happy
code reading times ahead.

I hope your work on the print system and Samba is going well. I may
take a look at that HOWTO but seeing as ive never heard of it, things
may be a little rough.

Thats all for now


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