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Re: Cleaning the distrib

On Mon, Apr 30, 2001 at 11:17:08PM +0200, Jean Francois Martinez wrote:
> vim, nvi: We have to keep ONE vi clone because VI is too popular.  But
> why two clones.

vim has pretty much won from what i can tell. ("all the cool people use
vim." :)
> gedit:  Keep for now.  Unless nobody uses it, likes it.
i saw a new user using gedit to edit files, a while ago. and nobody
told him about it, so presumably he found it via the window manager
menus. so i think that sounds like a 'keep it'. 
> Window Maker:  Frankly I don't know.

in my opinion this is the best window manager. but that doesn't mean
that people who want it can't go fetch it and install it.
> MH, XMH, EXMH, nmh:  Remove.  Obsolete.  Not evry popular AFAIK
mit still uses mh, because it works well in a decentralized environment
like athena. but having said that, yes, they're obsolete. get rid of them.

> lynx:  Remove.  links seems better.
lynx is better than links for blind users currently.
but it depends what your target audience is.
i prefer links too.

> Lout: remove.  It seems it is good but TeX is far more popular