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Re: Suggestion on structure of Graphics section of repository

On 2 Aug 1998 jfm2@club-internet.fr wrote:

> gv (who has replaced ghostview) is quite decent so I am not sure
> kghostview provides a real bonus for non-KDE users.  At least not big
> enough to be assigned top priority.

the main ones worth looking at are ee (gnome) and kdvi (kde)

> If you want to build an RPM who does not conflict with KDE you must
> use shared files and AFAIK that is only possible if you make it with
> the same SRPM.

Is this  an issue if we use a static build ? 

> -SVGAlib is an inherent security problem because every program using
>  it must be setuid root.  SVGAlib is ideal for one day needing
>  anti-virus programs on Linux.

the last time I remember crashing my machine was when I tried using an
SVGAlib package (-:. 

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