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Re: The announce about the relocation has been published

At 08:05 PM 8/12/98 -0400, you wrote:
>The mirror is current.  

Ah, good. Thanks.

Since there is a problem with independence.seul.org that may continue for a
while or repeat later, perhaps the mirror should be announced as well. I
suppose this is up to JFM. It's now about 4am in France, but maybe a few
more hours won't matter on top of the usual delay in the publishing of an

I thought the seul.org copy might be accessible through some other address
while the independence subdomain wasn't available. It seems it's not.

This is what the present announcement looks like on comp.os.linux.announce:


    Project Independence has had to move.  The new URL is

    Project Independence goal is making Linux available to non-technical
    users.  As a first step we built software repository acting as a focal
    point for people looking for easy to install user friendly software.

    People interested by the project should send a message to
    "majordomo@independence.seul.org" with no subject and
    "subscribe independence-l" in the body of the message

    People who were subscribed in the former mail list will have to
    resubscribe to the new one (sorry).

    Our sincerest thanks to the project SEUL for hosting us.

    - -- 
    Jean Francois Martinez