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Re: gcc 2.8.1 for RH4.2 (fwd)

> From: Stephanie Lockwood <sjl@chaucer.ece.ucsb.edu>
> Date: Thu, 13 Aug 1998 12:19:32 PDT
> X-UIDL: 8d65a276846c6e2ea11ef83224d5002a
> > 
> > On 12 Aug, Stephanie Lockwood wrote:
> > > I was having problems building some important packages such as SANE
> > > and the mico libraries under RH 4.2 so I was inspired to upgrade my gcc.
> > > With a little tweaking I managed to build gcc-2.8.1 from a glibc srpm,
> > > and it seems to be doing better.
> > 
> > > If you run into similar problems compiling with gcc-2.7 on your laptop, 
> > > you can pick up the binary rpms in my home directory on cran; I put them there 
> > > judging them possibly relevant to our developers but not end users.
> > 
> > OK. this is a big move, so it's worth mentioning to Jfm. I am
> > relatively clueless about compiler issues.
> Do you have concerns about using a newer compiler than redhat uses?
> My impression was that 2.8.1 is much more solid than 2.8.0, and many people
> are using it to compile the newer kernels. I could probably get that
> stuff to compile under 2.7.3 by disabling various things (like exception
> handling for mico, or an optimization for SANE) if you think that preferable.

Don't bother with mico.  It is a _heavy_ compiling and newer versions
of Gnome have abandonned it.

About the C problem: Rdhat 5.1 uses gcc 2.7 when compiling C and egcs
(equivalent to gcc 2.8) when compiling C++

You can use gcc 2.8 for C if you want becuase this should not create
problems, however the problem is C++.  gcc 2.8 uses a different
library: that meant that we should have versions for RedHat 5.0 people
and different versions for RedHat 5.1 and later.  There are problems
enough with libc, against glibc.

Another solution could be to provide the 2.8 C++ library to 5.0 and
4.2 users and then go ahead and rebuild the C++ packages we have.

What do think you about it?

Ah! could you put somewhere where I could grasp them the SPEC files of
the packages you fixed.  It is your implementation and not mine who
should be used in the future.

			Jean Francois Martinez

Project Independence: Linux for the Masses