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strings libgtk-1.1.so.1 | grep lib


strings libgtk.so.1.0.5 | grep lib
[ snip : trailing garbage ]

Looks OK, huh ? ... 

About putting all the graphics libs together ... well I guess we can 
make them into a metapackage. What do we want to do about metapackages 
anyway ? Should a metapackage be a self extracting archive, or just 
a bunch of RPMs plus a shell script ? We should work out what these 
metapackages are going to be. I already have one proposed format. 
But I suspect there are better ways of doing it.  This is probably a job
better handled by programmers. Some aspects of it really are programming 
jobs ( for example, stealing the algorithm that compares version numbers
from the RPM source ) 

Do we want the metapackages to actually be real files, or just "collections" of
rpms ? The latter has some advantages but possibly requires more of us in terms
of programming ( ie some kind of package installation tool that keeps a list of
metapackages and associated RPMs. )

Anyway, I guess this is all something to think about ... 

Donovan Rebbechi <elflord@pegasus.rutgers.edu>
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