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Distrib and loadings

I have uploaded all the RPMS of the SRPMS I uploaded yesterday.

In addition I have place them on their respective directories.  The
Web site can have a few missing/broken links until it is regenerated.

Also I forgot to upload libstdc++2.8 who will be needed for the glibc
version of KDE.  And I have found incompatibilities between qt-1.40
and qt-1.33 therefore it would be wise to recompile non-kde qt-based
apps (at least for the glibc version)

Also I have created a distribution directory with three subdirs:
Independence, NoCD (those packages who cannot be put on CD) and
Conflicts (those packages who will conflict with Redhat
packages.  An example is qmail who will conflict with sendmail).  The
Conflicts will be solved with some hacking in the RedHat install.

For now I have placed nearly everything in NoCD and we will move them
to the right place after considering their copyright.

			Jean Francois Martinez

Project Independence: Linux for the Masses