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Some news and freezing

All going well tonight I will be replacing the in Indy who have been
replaced by redhat short of thse parts where Indy changes overlap: eg
samba, gdm, mc.  The new Gnome seems better and faster than the old.
I will also upload part of the work I have done like the Giram

Tomorrow or the day after I will be uploading XFree86 3.3.4.  It
supports many additional cards and seems faster for some previously
supported cards, much faster than the beta support for Voodo cards I
demoed at linux expo.  I am changing it in order to make possible
including XFCE betwwen the available GUIs.  XFCE needs far less
resources than KDE or Gnome but in the other hand I do not want to
build a fat distrib: I am a man with simple tastes: just the best in
everything and in addition XFCE needs some work because uit is not
FSSTND conformant and in addition it is shipped with a brain damaged
default desktop so I will make possible to include it but I am not
sure it will be included.

Short of that I want to improve printing with supporgt for the PPA
printers and better handling of SMB printers: RedHat's is brain
damaged, include a couplze of MMX improved games (I stummbled upon the
MMX library) and then I will freeze.

			Jean Francois Martinez

Project Independence: Linux for the Masses