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Re: Politics and anoouncing

> >There is one great symbolic gesture that we could do if we follow this
> >line and it is Indy by default not installing VI (unfortunately Emacs
> >is not installed by default in RedHat so I cannot remove it just to
> >prove I can do it for my favorite editor and that is not a VI versus
> >Emacs battle).
>    We could install pico by default, and have vi be a symlink to pico.  That
> should put us on slashdot as raving heretics for sure!

In fact I was thinking in LPE and in a dirty trick of my own ensuring
thata if a user invokes VI while it is not installed we warn it that
VI is not instlllaed and that he can resort to LPE or install the VI
RPM by hand.

Notioce that I never told VI should not be shipped: I am for allowing
traditional Unixers using Indy as a traditional Unix (I am a commnad
line myself) what I can't stand is people trying to force other people
to use Linux as a traditional Unix even when it is unadequete for the

			Jean Francois Martinez

Project Independence: Linux for the Masses