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Re: Installation risks?

OK, I'm ready to take the plunge -- thanks for all your replies. FTP access
is currently limited to 33.6 Kbps dial-up, so a CD-ROM might be the only
practical way to go? 

I already run a RedHat 5.2 server / development system, so it sounds like I
should do -two- installs:

1. Apply the patches to my existing RedHat 5.2 system

2. Do a clean Indy install from scratch to get all the 'niceties of Inde' on
a spare hard drive

The systems would then be in sync, so I could migrate all my customizations
to the clean system as time permits.

I'd want "the latest" version on CD, including files for -both- the RedHat
patch, and the clean install. Bootable CD would be nice but I can boot from
floppy if required. 

I'm willing to spring for UPS or Fedex shipping to southern Utah (near Zion
National Park), but plain snail mail would be ok too.

At 08:42 AM 8/5/99 -0500, you wrote:
>> Lee,
>>You still offering the Indy CD?
>   I have a non bootable image.  I do not have the new image...  I
>could burn one if you want it, but which one?  And where does it go?  I no
>longer have access to the cheap shipping I once had.
>            Lee

Thanks again,

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