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Re: Installation risks?

>I'm in SW ID, I have a CD burner too and I could make up a few...

I'll definitely need a CD-ROM, and would leave it up to you (Bud, or Lee) to
decide the most convenient way to ship? On top of that, would $10 cover your
costs for media, time and effort?

>I upgraded to 56k V.90

My ISP will be upgrading to v.90 'real soon now.' I can get 44Kbps with
CompuServe (at $6/hour), but I'll venture the opinion that Inde deserves a
more practical method than downloading the full distribution via dial-up! 

>loadline from DOS is an option and installing from there.

That would be a nice touch, but it's also painless to use rawrite to create
an Inde boot/install floppy.

>I have never tried a bootable CD though I can adjust the BIOS to do so.

Two of my systems boot fine from CD-ROM, so it's worth a try.

How should we proceed?