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Re: Installing Indy all from a download

> Assuming I was sucidal enough to do this...how many years would it take me to 
> download the whole thing at about 49k (about what In usually get on this 
> crappy thing)? I'm a complete and utter linux newbie though...I've installed 
> a slackware thing that used a dos file system and even managed to get it to 
> install X, although no luck w/ KDE...is there anything I can get away with 
> not downloading? I just wanna play around with it, it would probably not 
> become my primary os...yet. Thanks for any assistance you may be able to give

Assuming your connection never stalls you would be doing 15 Megs an
hour and the distrib is over 500 Megs so you would need oveer 33

In addition I have heard of people who used Windows for the download
and had problems due to mangled filenames:  better use Linux
for this if at all possible.

The 0.1 version of Indy was not was easier to use than RedHat 5.2 more
adequate, more fun and slightly more forgiving but it is not easier to

I am presently polishing the next Indy but I guess it will take a
couple weeks at at the very least.

			Jean Francois Martinez

Project Independence: Linux for the Masses